AELC COURSE – Applied Electronics



Looking at the new trends on the global maritime market and the advancement of the technology in collaboration with one of the biggest shipping company, we developed a new specialized program for Applied Electronics. Atlantis is one of the leaders on the international market for ETO and HV courses. We have successfully enrolled and trained more than 600 ETO’s from all over the world and developing AELC course was the next step for us.


Our AELC course was created working close with the experts in the field of electronics so it gives our candidates broader knowledge and expertise in how to overcome issues on the ship. This course is specially designed for the Management level of Engineers and ETO’s that have to keep the electronics system operating on board.


The course is conducted in a dedicated laboratory that incorporates specially designed workbenches provided with various equipment that makes this course enhance the candidate’s knowledge from a basic level to an understanding of advanced concepts in electronics.


Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, candidate should be able to:

  • Understand how to use electronic measuring instruments such as LCR meter, oscilloscope, signal generator in electronic equipment maintenance
  • Understand how semiconductor devices operates
  • Understand how power electronic equipment operates
  • Calculate key electronic component parameters
  • Demonstrate of acquired knowledge and skills in maintenance and troubleshooting of the electronic equipment