Be one of the Electro Technical Officers who have successfully finished ETO course in Croatia and got their certificate of competence. More than 400 seafarers have joined our courses and completed the course in the fastest time possible.


We had candidates arriving from all over the world and we give our best to help them with the complex procedure needed to successfully obtain ETO licences in Croatia. Full details for the course are available on our website & Facebook page. All you have to do is register in time and Atlantis maritime training center will take care of everything else.


Certificates issued by EU member countries (or countries recognized by the EU in accordance with the Directive on Minimum Training Standards for Seafarers), are accepted in the Republic of Croatia if in compliance with above or if Croatia has a standing bilateral agreement with a third country on the mutual recognition of certificates in accordance with the provisions of the STCW Convention. Atlantis will provide basic guidance on evaluation of credentials in case you are uncertain.


Seafarers who have taken STCW courses in EU or third countries recognized by Croatia, as explained above, are not required to re-take their respective courses.


So we are waiting for you to join us and be the part of our growing community. Find out what made so many choose us and send your application form for the next group available!

Pursuant to the Rules on the professions and Certification of Seafarers NN no. 130 / 2013, 45 / 2014 and 124/2015 Training Centre Atlantis  the first in Croatia begins with  special training program for Electro Technical Officers STCW III / 6 (E.T.O.)

The training is designed for Electrician and / or electronics technician working on board a ship and who in the course of their education did not attend and is not certifed according STCW Convention and subsequent need to complete special training in duration of a total of 190 hours.

Requirement of enrollment into the special education program:

  • Completed of a minimum four-year Secondary school for Electrotecnics and / or
  • on Undergraduate university study program Electrotechnical direction.

The contents of the special education program:

  • Ships Power Engineering – 80 hours
  • Ships Automatics – 60 hours
  • Ships Mechanical Engineering – 50 hours

After completing the special education program the attendant gets a certificate of successful completion of the Specific training in order to acquire a certificate of qualification for an Electro Technical Officer which is also a requirement before taking the exam.

Requirements for taking the exam:

  • A certificate of successfully completion special education training in order to acquire a certificate of qualification for an Electro Technical Officer (STCW III/6)
  • Completion of a minimum four-year Secondary school for Electrotecnics and / or
  • Undergraduate university study program Electrotechnical direction
  • At least 6 months of sea service as a trainee electrical engineering or marine electrician,
  • Is in compliance with the prescribed health conditions
  • Holds training certificates:
  1. D2 (Basic safety on board),
  2. D12 (Fire-fighting),
  3. D17 (Proficiency in a lifeboat and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats)
  4. D19 (Medical First Aid)
  5. D47A (Leadership, crew management and improving teamwork on board – working level)
  6. D48 (Prevention of pollution of the marine environment)

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