Electro courses

Welcome to the best international training center for Electro-based courses!!!

Why us? The answer is very easy when we sum up all of the advantages of coming to Maritime training center Atlantis. Let us walk you through all of them so that you can make your decision with ease:


  • EXPERIENCE – Atlantis was the first training center in Croatia and border who started with education for ETO courses. We started the first group in the summer of 2014 and until now, we had more than 50 groups. We continue to be the market leaders for ETO and HV courses with the growing number of candidates from all over the world.
  • CANDIDATES – we are proud to say that we have successfully educated candidates from around the world. Every day we receive new enquiries from new candidates who recognized us as training center, which provides tailor-made courses based on their needs. We take pride that we give our best to accommodate client needs and meet their requirements regarding shift rotation and needed certificates. Until now, we count more than 600 satisfied ETO candidates who managed to finish all of the needed certifications inside of 7 weeks.
  • FLEXIBILITY – is the key factor in our work. We thrive to devote attention to every candidate and make an analysis of the one’s certificates. As every candidate is from different background we give our full support to them in helping them get to the final goal – ETO STCW III/6 licence. The candidate can split course in several times if they want to fit even the shortest rotation they may have. In addition, we give our best to organize groups based on the client’s needs so they can choose the period that fits them the most.
  • COMPANIES – some of the biggest shipping companies have recognized us as a destination where their candidates finish electro courses. We had candidates from companies like NCL, RCCL, Carnival, MSC, Princess Cruise, Holland America Line, Shell, Exmar, Maersk, CMA CGM, JDN, NYK and many more.
  • INSTRUCTORS – are the ones who are the key factor in making us one of the best. Years of experience working in electro industry transformed to our courses is the element that makes this story successful. Again, they are the ones who have to adopt do client’s needs and help them complete the course so they are ready for the final exam.
  • COMMUNICATION – our clients are sailing all over the world and it is on us to give them advice and help them prepare the documentation for courses. We are on the disposal for all of the questions they have about regulations and courses. We take care of all of the paperwork for our clients so they can come here stress free and concentrate on courses.
  • RECOGNITION – if you plan to be one of our ETO’s (ETR) this is a process that every candidate needs to pass. The procedure is different base on the type of education a person has. That is where Atlantis comes to the picture; we will give support and give advice or even handle the recognition process for every candidate.
  • EQUIPMENT – Atlantis provide all of the courses with extensive practical part and for that, we are constantly investing in our equipment. Our ETO & HV courses are based on realistic situation that can emerge on ships and we strive to give that experience to every candidate. Our High Voltage block was design and manufactured with the most up-to-date shipboard equipment by Siemens, ABB and Schneider Electrics.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES – are the ones that makes a difference for our clients. We give them full support in finding accommodation during their courses (list of recommended hotels, hostels, apartments etc.). Our clients can ask us for any local service and we will help them in solving their problem (booking transfers, recommended restaurants, doctors etc.).
  • OTHER STCW AND OFFSHORE CORUSES – plan to come to Atlantis to finish one of these programs. Feel free to check our list of other courses on our website. We provide other STCW and Offshore courses.
  • LOCATION – last but not the least; we are located in Split, Croatia. While you are here on courses use this opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful town on the Mediterranean which is well known for its rich history and excellent gastronomy.